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Fingerprint Identification - FlinnEverydayScience™

By: The Flinn Staff

Item #: AP11799 

Price: $91.15

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With this FlinnEverydayScience™ lab, students investigate fingerprint patterns and fingerprinting techniques

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Product Details

Students investigate their own fingerprints and fingerprints of their classmates in the introductory activity. Loops, arches, and whorls are studied and observed. Then, in the challenge activity, students are given a crime scene fingerprint to analyze. Using several fingerprint cards, students must identify their crime scene fingerprint. Includes access to pre-lab videos, editable lab instructions, downloadable student handouts, detailed background information, safety information, teacher notes with answers to all questions and sample data, and teaching and lab tips. 


Enough materials are provided in this kit for 30 students working in groups of three.

This kit includes:
Crime scene fingerprints, 1 set (to be shared)
Fingerprint card sets
Ink stamp pads, 10