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Fish Fitness—Flinn STEM Design Challenge™

By: The Flinn Staff

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The Fish Fitness Flinn STEM Design Challenge™ kit for biology and life science takes cross-fit to a whole new level. Attempt to craft the ultimate underwater specimen.

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Product Details

In the cut-throat world beneath the sea, it’s eat or be eaten! Fish need to be in the best shape possible in order to outrun predators as well as catch up to prey. Fish Fitness takes cross-fit to a whole new level by allowing your students to craft the ultimate underwater specimen. Using concepts, such as adaptations and survival of the fittest, students learn why body shape influences survival!

Complete for 30 students working in pairs. An aquarium or other clear container is required and available separately.


Materials Included in Kit: 
Clay, terra cotta, ¼ lb package, 2
Clay, yellow, ¼ lb package, 3
Fishing line, monofilament, 650 yd
Paper clips, box of 100
Protractor, 15