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The Flinn Scientific Spectrophotometer Lab Manual provides 14 practical, teacher-tested laboratory experiments, most of which are chemistry related. Each experiment is accompanied by student lab instructions.

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When you order the Flinn Scientific Spectrophotometer you will also receive free, the Flinn Scientific Spectrophotometer Laboratory Manual. This remarkable reference provides 14 practical, teacher-tested laboratory experiments. Most of the experiments are chemistry related and vary in difficulty from the introductory use of the spectrophotometer to Advanced Placement Chemistry. Several biological and environmental science experiments are also included, as well as a detailed teacher's guide, preparation notes, sample data and graphs. Each laboratory experiment is accompanied by student laboratory instructions which include prelab questions, materials needed, procedure and data analysis information, data tables and post-lab questions. The labs are well written and developed by high school science teachers. The Spectrophotometer Laboratory Manual is included with every Flinn Spectrophotometer or can be purchased separately for use with other spectrophotometers. 2006, 144 pages, 8 1/2" x 11", spiral-bound.