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Flinn’s Exploring Chemistry™—10-Package Bundle

By: The Flinn Staff

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The Flinn’s Exploring Chemistry 10-Package Bundle is comprehensive and cost-saving, including all 10 of the Flinn’s Exploring Chemistry packages. These experiments, demonstrations and activities ensure student success.

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Product Details

Share your passion for chemistry and achieve your most important goal—student success—with integrated lab and learning activities for 10 major topics in your first-year chemistry curriculum!

We have selected the best-of-the-best activities for each topic! These are the experiments, demonstrations and POGIL® activities that ensure students will really understand the concepts. Chemistry is NOT a set of isolated facts to be memorized. Flinn’s Exploring Chemistry™ labs and activities will take students on a virtual tour inside the test tube to see the world of chemistry where it begins—at the molecular level. Students succeed because they will see the evidence and develop the reasoning needed to build connections between facts. As students begin to get a glimpse of the underlying simplicity and beauty of chemistry you can be sure they will talk about the fun and excitement they have had in chemistry class at the family dinner table.

Each package includes chemicals, specialized materials and complete instructions as well as free online video resources for these best-of-the-best experiments, demonstrations and POGIL learning activities. Each package serves three classes of 30 students working in pairs! Flinn shares your passion for chemistry. Our new Exploring Chemistry activities will assist you in achieving your most important goal—student success!

10-Package Bundle includes:
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Note: All books have been digitally converted and are now available as digital downloads in your library.