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Flinn’s Exploring Chemistry™—Chemical Bonding Package

By: The Flinn Staff

Item #: AP7691

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The Flinn’s Exploring Chemistry™—Chemical Bonding Package connects abstract principles of chemical bonding and chemical properties with a set of five activities while providing insight into the world of molecules and compounds.

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Product Details

Connect abstract principles of chemical bonding and the properties of chemicals with this exciting set of five curriculum activities—two experiments, a demonstration and two POGIL™ activities.

• Super Duper Polymer Gel demonstration shows the relationship between bonding and structure.
• In Lewis Structures and Molecular Geometry, a guided-inquiry lab, students draw Lewis structures and use models to visualize their unique three-dimensional shapes.
• The Color of Chemistry is a beautiful experiment! Brilliant color patterns obtained by dyeing a special multi-fiber fabric teach students about ionic bonding and intermolecular forces.
• Naming Ionic Compounds POGIL activity ensures that students will achieve the learning objective.
• Polyatomic Ions POGIL activity reinforces twin concepts of covalent versus ionic bonding.

Includes chemicals, specialized materials and complete instructions as well as free online video resources for three classes of 30 students working in pairs. Common laboratory equipment is required and available separately.


Materials Included in Kit: 
Alizarin red s solution, 1%, 60 mL
Aluminum foil, full roll, regular, 12" x 25 feet roll
Aluminum potassium sulfate, 2 g
Boiling stones, 10 g
Calcium oxide, 1 g
Congo red solution, 0.1%, 150 mL
Crystal violet solution, 1%, 25 mL
Ethyl alcohol solution, 70%, 100 mL
Malachite green, aqueous solution, 1%, 25 mL
Methyl orange, 2 g
Polyethylene oxide, 25 g
Sodium carbonate, 4 g
Sodium sulfate decahydrate, 10 g
Sulfuric acid solution, 1 M, 25 mL
Chemtopic™ #6, Chemical Bonding
Flinn Scientific© POGIL® activity - Naming Ionic Components
Flinn Scientific© POGIL® activity - Polyatomic Ions
Multifiber test fabric, 2
VSEPR molecular model set