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Flinn’s Exploring Chemistry™—Molar Relationships and Stoichiometry Package

By: The Flinn Staff

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The Flinn’s Exploring Chemistry™—Molar Relationships and Stoichiometry Package includes two demonstrations, an experiment and a POGIL™ activity to analyze the connectivity of properties of matter to atoms and molecules.

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Product Details

The mole concept is a bridge connecting the macroscopic properties of matter to the submicroscopic world of atoms and molecules. Students need these connections to succeed in chemistry! Package includes two demonstrations, a beautiful experiment and a POGIL™ activity—everything you need to teach stoichiometry!

• Pictures are worth a thousand words, and the Stoichiometry and Solubility demonstration paints a perfect picture to visualize mole ratios in two different precipitation reactions.
• Follow up with the Mole Ratios experiment to crystallize the concept for students. Silver crystals forming on copper wire in a blue solution are not just beautiful chemistry; they give accurate results every time.
• Take the concept to the next, higher level with the Limiting and Excess Reactants POGIL activity.
• Wrap up the unit and have fun doing the Stoichiometry Balloon Races demonstration. Compare the amount of carbon dioxide filling up various balloons when acetic acid reacts with sodium bicarbonate.

The package includes chemcials and specialty equipment to perform the lab and learning activities listed below. Quantities of chemicals are sufficient for three classes of 30 students working in pairs! Instructions for all lab activities may be found in Molar Relationships and Stoichiometry, Volume 7 in the Flinn ChemTopic™ Labs series, which is included in the package.  Common laboratory equipment is required and available separately.

  • Stoichiometry and Solubility—Mole Ratios and Chemical Formulas (Demonstration)
  • Mole Ratios—Copper and Silver Nitrate (Experiment)
  • Limiting and Excess Reactants (POGIL Activity)
  • Stoichiometry Balloon Races (Demonstration)


Materials Included in Kit: 
Flinn ChemTopic™ Labs: Molar Relationships and Stoichiometry, Volume 7 
Acetic acid, 1 M, 600 mL
Acetone, 250 mL, 2
Copper wire, 18-gauge, 45 feet
Copper(II) chloride solution, 0.05 M, 500 mL, 2
Iron(III) nitrate solution, 0.1 M, 500 mL, 2
Nitric acid, 3 M, 25 mL
Silver nitrate, reagent, 70 g
Sodium bicarbonate, 50 g
Sodium hydroxide solution, 0.1 M, 500 mL, 2
Sodium phosphate, tribasic solution, 0.05 M, 500 mL, 2
Chemtopic™ #7, Molar Relationships and Stoichiometry
Flinn Scientific©, POGIL® activity