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Flinn’s Exploring Chemistry™—Solids, Liquids and Solutions Package

By: The Flinn Staff

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The Flinn’s Exploring Chemistry™—Solids, Liquids and Solutions Package analyzes phase transitions, molecular forces and factors affecting solution formation. Students discover interrelationships that lead to this understanding.

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Product Details

The properties of solids, liquids and solutions let us see inside the world of atoms and molecules. Two demonstrations, two experiments and two POGIL™ activities offer rich opportunities for students to actively explore phase transitions, attractive forces between molecules and the factors that affect solution formation.

• The Surface Tension Jar demonstration is not magic! Hydrogen bonding produces a force powerful enough to prevent water from spilling out of an upside-down open jar.
• The heating and cooling curves students plot in the It’s Just a Phase experiment reveal that liquids release heat when they solidify.
• In the guided-inquiry Factors Affecting Solution Formation experiment, students design a series of tests to explore the effects of different variables.
• In the Solubility POGIL activity, students learn how to quantify this concept.
• The Alka-Seltzer® and Gas Solubility demonstration shows that generalizations don’t always hold when predicting the effect of temperature on solubility.
• The Molarity POGIL activity helps students develop the skills to understand and calculate solution concentrations.

The package includes enough chemicals and specialty equipment to perform the lab and learning activities listed below. Quantities of chemicals are sufficient for three classes of 30 students working in pairs! Instructions for all activities may be found in Solids and Liquids, Volume 11, and Solubility and Solutions, Volume 12 in the Flinn ChemTopic™ Labs series, which are included in the package. Common laboratory equipment is required and available separately.

  • It’s Just a Phase (Experiment)
  • Factors Affecting Solution Formation (Experiment)
  • Molarity (POGIL™ Activity)
  • Solubility (POGIL Activity)
  • Surface Tension Jar (Demonstration)
  • Alka-Seltzer® and Gas Solubility (Demonstration)


Materials Included in Kit: 
Flinn ChemTopic™ Labs: Solids and Liquids, Volume 11
Flinn ChemTopic™ Labs: Solubility and Solutions, Volume 12 
Alka-Seltzer® tablets, pkg/2, 2
Bromthymol blue solution, 0.04%, 50 mL
Copper(II) sulfate, reagent, fine crystals, 100 g
Copper(II) sulfate, lab grade, large crystals, 10 g
Lauric acid, 300 g
Sodium hydroxide solution, 1 M, 30 mL
Canning jar, wide mouth, quart
Flinn Scientific POGIL® activity 7, molarity
Flinn Scientific POGIL activity 5, solubility
Nylon screen
Square, 4¼" laminate