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Flinn’s Exploring Chemistry™—Thermochemistry Package

By: The Flinn Staff

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The Flinn’s Exploring Chemistry™—Thermochemistry Package is a comprehensive set of activities introducing concepts of heat, temperature and energy while allowing students to find examples of thermodynamics in their own lives.

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Product Details

The only thing constant in life is change. This is certainly true in chemistry, where physical, chemical and energy changes are all interrelated. Fully explore these relationships with this comprehensive set of activities—two demonstrations, one experiment and two POGIL™ activities. Students will learn the concepts of heat, temperature and energy and build connections between these concepts and interesting applications in their daily lives.
• The Specific Heat demonstration shows how different substances store heat energy, a unique concept for students.  
• The Calorimetry POGIL activity reinforces the logic behind these experiments and calculations.
• Apply these skills using Discovering Instant Cold Packs, a guided-inquiry experiment. Students design a procedure to determine the energy change that occurs when a “cold pack solid” dissolves in water.
• The Whoosh Bottle is a powerful demonstration of the most important application of chemistry in society—the energy produced in combustion reactions.  
• The Bond Energy POGIL activity brings the lessons full-circle. Energy changes are related to chemical changes by the energy stored in chemical bonds.

The package includes enough chemicals and specialty equipment to perform the lab and learning activities listed below. Quantities of chemicals are sufficient for three classes of 30 students working in pairs! Instructions for all activities may be found in Thermochemistry, Volume 10 in the Flinn ChemTopic™ Labs series, which is included in the package. Common laboratory equipment is required and available separately.

  • Discovering Instant Cold Packs: Experiment
  • Calorimetry: POGIL® Activity
  • Bond Energy: POGIL Activity
  • Specific Heat: Demonstration
  • Whoosh Bottle: Demonstration


Materials Included in Kit: 
Flinn ChemTopic™ Labs: Thermochemistry, Volume 10 
Ammonium chloride, lab grade, 350 g, 2
Isopropyl alcohol, reagent, 100 mL
Cup, polystyrene, 8 oz, 60
POGIL® activity - Bond Energy
POGIL activity - Calorimetry
Specific heat set
Whoosh bottle, polycarbonate, 5 gallon