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Item #: SE6080

Price: $520.00

Flinn/SciMatCo® Jumbo Stacking Cabinet is constructed of 1-inch exterior grade plywood and is finished with easily identified, chemically-resistant paint. One fixed-position shelf is included.

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Product Details

The Flinn/SciMatCo Poison Cabinet is a “must” safety aid for any high school chemical storage area. Provide an extra safety edge for the storage of severe poisons and toxic substances that must be locked up. These are chemicals that have an LD50 of less than 250 mg that should be stored in a separate and secure storage cabinet to protect against theft, vandalism, or fire.

The Flinn/SciMatCo Poison Cabinet features:
• Compact and will fit into an existing storage cabinet or shelf
• Includes 50 perpetual inventory cards to help you keep track of the severe poisons
• Provided with a heavy-duty lock and two keys for extra security
• Constructed of 1" thick, high-density 9-ply exterior grade plywood
• Attractive gray Super Chem-Tuff™ paint is extremely chemical resistant
• Laminated and mounted suggested contents list
• Heavy-duty lock
• A permanent pocket for the storage of inventory records of poisons
• One fixed-position, half cabinet depth shelf with anti-roll off lip
• Cabinet floor constructed with a 2" liquid-tight trough to retain accidental chemical spillage
• Exterior: 21¼" H x 16¾" W x 15¾" D
• Interior: 19" H x 14¾" W x 13" D