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Gas Properties, Laws, and Reactions

Properties of Hydrogen
Exploding Hydrogen Bubbles in your Hands    Video    PDF
Combustion of Hydrogen   Video  PDF
The Bottomless Bottle Explosion   Video  PDF   

Properties of Carbon Dioxide
Pouring and Siphoning a Gas    Video   PDF
The Candle Snuffer    Video   PDF 
Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguisher    Video   PDF

Properties of Ammonia
Ammonia Fountain with Bromthymol Blue    Video   PDF 
Pink Panther Breath - Macroscale    Video   PDF
Pink Panther Breath - Microscale    Video   PDF
Solubility of Ammonia    Video   PDF
How to Generate Ammonia Gas    Video   PDF

Hydrogen and Oxygen Explosions
Fuel Cell Football    Video   PDF 
Pringle Can Rocket    Video   PDF 
Hindenburg Day   Video   PDF 

Dry Ice Demonstrations

Dry Ice Demonstrations    Video   PDF 
Dry Ice Color Show    Video   PDF 
Wet Dry Ice Labs    Video   PDF 

Flammability of Gases
Methane Mamba    Video   PDF 
Methane Bubbles    Video   PDF 
Big 4-Foot Burner    Video   PDF 
Flammable Vapor Demonstration    Video   PDF

What is Pressure?
Can Crush    Video   PDF
The Egg In and Out    Video   PDF 
Balloon in the Flask    Video   PDF 
Egg Sucker    Video   PDF
A New Approach for the Balloon in the Flask    Video   PDF 

The Power of Pressure
Hydraulic Elevator    Video   PDF 
Board Breaker    Video   PDF 
A New Magdeburg Sphere   Video   PDF
The Power of Air - Human Shrink Wrap   Video   PDF
How Airplanes Stay Aloft   Video   PDF

Introduction to Gas Laws 
Gas Laws    Video   PDF    
Penney's Quick Silent Demos    Video   PDF 

Boyle's Law 
Boyle's Law Lab    Video   PDF 
Pressure vs. Volume and Boyle's Law    Video   PDF 
Marshmallow in a Vacuum    Video   PDF
Cartesian Diver-sions   Video   PDF

Kinetic Molecular Theory and PVT 
Instant Hot Air Balloon   Video   PDF
Charles Law and Absolute Zero    Video   PDF 
Straw Pressure Popper    Video   PDF
Kinetic Energy Demonstration    Video   PDF
PTV Made Simple with Liquid Nitrogen    Video   PDF

The Ideal Gas Law Applications
Target Gas Law Lab    Video   PDF 
Dust Blaster    Video   PDF
Density of Gases    Video   PDF 

Diffusion of Gases 
Rates of Diffusion    Video   PDF 
Gaseous Diffusion and Effusion    Video   PDF 
Gee Whiz Effusion of Gases    Video   PDF 

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