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Item #: ML1372 
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General Biology Microscope Slide Set A for biology and life science is selected to include a number of popular slides with key representatives from all bacteria and eukarya.

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Product Details

Selected to include a number of popular slides with key representatives from all five kingdoms. An excellent overview for the beginning biologist and microscopist. Designed to complement General Biology Set B but comprehensive on its own. Bacteria, three types, (bacilli, cocci, spirilli), separate smears. Oedogonium, homothallic species, w.m. Moss, protonema, w.m. Fern, prothallium, antheridia and archegonia, w.m. Fern, (Pteridium) rhizome, c.s. Buttercup, (Ranunculus) root, c.s. Onion, (Allium) root tip l.s., mitosis Leaf epidermis, w.m. (Sedum) Lilac, (Syringa) leaf, c.s. Lily, (Lilium) anthers with pollen, c.s. Amoeba proteus, w.m. Paramecium caudatum, w.m. Scypha, (Grantia), c.s. and l.s. Hydra, w.m. Planaria, “injected,” w.m. Ancylostoma caninum, (hook-worm), w.m. Trichinella spiralis, encysted larvae, section. Earthworm, c.s. Insect, wings, 4 types, w.m. Insect, cornea, w.m. Drosophila, (fruit fly), w.m. Amphioxus, w.m. Mitosis, section of whitefish blastodisc. Frog, blood, smear. Frog, intestine, c.s.