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Go Direct™ SpectroVis® Plus Spectrophotometer

Item #: TC1606 

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The Go Direct™ SpectroVis® Plus Spectrophotometer quickly measures a full wavelength spectrum. It directly connects wirelessly via Bluetooth® or wired via USB to your platform.

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Product Details

Introduce your students to spectroscopy with the affordable Go Direct™ SpectroVis® Plus Spectrophotometer. Capable of connecting wirelessly or by USB, this device can easily collect a full wavelength spectrum (absorbance, percent transmission or intensity) in less than one second. Once the peak wavelength is determined, Go Direct SpectroVis Plus can establish the concentration of a solution (Beer’s law) or monitor rates of reactions. A low light path allows the spectrophotometer to be used for microscale and biochemistry applications with micro and semi-micro cuvettes like collecting a full wavelength spectrum to measure absorbance, percent transmittance, fluorescence (at 405 nm or 500 nm excitation) or emissions; conducting enzyme kinetics experiments; studying equilibrium of absorbance vs. time or concentration; and performing colorimetric or fluorescent bioassays.


Wavelength range: 380–950 nm.
Support for fluorescence: Two excitation sources centered at 405 nm and 500 nm.
Reported wavelength interval: ~1 nm between reported values (collects 570 values).
Dimensions: 16 × 10 × 5 cm.
Light sources: Incandescent white bulb, ~8,000-hour lifetime, one-step calibration; LED-based, ~100,000-hour lifetime.
No external power is required.