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Go Extinct! is Go Fish evolved! Take on the role of a scientist competing to collect sets of closely related animals—like lions and horses, snakes and lizards or stegosauruses and apatosauruses.

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Product Details

  • Evolution Science Made Fun - Adding a twist to classic board games, our evolutionary tree board game offers an exciting way to learn animal ancestry! Playing this game allows participants to learn basic facts about evolution & the relationships among various species.
  • Practice Strategic Thinking - Test your knowledge! Our science board game turns a simple card game into an educational evolution game. To win, players must create sets of matching cards that depict animals with common ancestors through guessing others’ cards or drawing.
  • Challenges Your Tactical Skills - With evolving rule variations of our strategy board games, your game night will never be a bore! To achieve victory, players must learn when & how to play certain cards, & adapt to rule changes as the game progresses.
  • Teaches Sportsmanship - Make bonding moments fun for all. Our board game gives an amusing & competitive twist to gameplay. It trains kids to value sportsmanship while honing their critical thinking. It’s a super fun game to play with friends and the whole family.
  • A Game of Kids and Adults - Our family game is an easy to play educational board game. It’s made understandable for children aged 8 years and up, & yet still super fun for adults as well.


This informative board game is packed with vibrant illustrations. Here are the complete inclusions in each box.

1 evolutionary tree of order Carnivora game board

56 regular playing animal cards

2 Honey Badger wild cards

1 illustrated bonus booklet with additional detailsA Gift to Love