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Appropriate eye protection is extremely important in the science classroom. As you compare the wide array of goggles and safety glasses, you often see the phrase “Meets ANSI Z87+ Standards.” In the Flinn Scientific Catalog/Reference Manual we list several eyewear styles, all of which meet the ANSI standard. Obviously, there must be more to choosing safe eyewear than merely picking any style that meets this standard. To choose the most suitable eyewear for yourself and your students, it is helpful to understand ANSI and its relationship to school laboratory regulations.

While ANSI has established many standards for a variety of protective eyewear, it does not provide specific standards for several factors important to the science teacher. Among those factors are durability and comfort. It is the teacher’s responsibility to keep these factors in mind when selecting eyewear. As clearly stated in the Flinn Scientific Catalog/Reference Manual, “You, the instructor, should decide what type of eyewear your students must wear in every case.” The information and high quality eye and face protection Flinn provides will help you make an informed, responsible choice.