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Green Chemistry Kits and Resources

Green Chemistry 
Use Green Chemistry kits and principles to redesign an experiment and to reduce the use and generation of hazardous waste.

Laboratory Kits

Green Chemistry: Making a Household Surface Cleaner

Green Chemistry: Ash Water Titration

Green Chemistry: Road Deicers

Green Chemistry: Design and Function - Blackberry Solar Cell

Green Chemistry Analysis of a Mixture

Boyle's Law in a Bottle

Microscale Chemistry

Microscale demonstration and laboratory kits reduce your prep and cleanup time. They are economical, fast and effective in the classroom, reducing waste, saving storage and lab bench space, and offer easy clean up! Choose from more than 25 laboratory kits.


Greening the Science Lab
This article provides practical tips and ideas to help you integrate green science activities into your curriculum, including suggestions on substituting less hazardous chemicals in common laboratory procedures.

Green Chemistry with Flinn Video
This video shows ideas on how to incorporate green chemistry into your curriculum so you can reduce the use and generation of hazardous substances.

Partnership with Beyond Benign

Beyond Benign is dedicated to providing tools to teach and learn about green chemistry in order to create a sustainable future. Flinn Scientific, in partnership with Beyond Benign, developed our exclusive series of green chemistry kits listed above.