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In the Green Chemistry Analysis of a Mixture Inquiry Lab Solution for AP® Chemistry, students design a green experiment in which data from a mixture of two compounds can be acquired quantitatively and evaluated through stoichiometry.

Includes access to exclusive FlinnPREP™ digital content to combine the benefits of classroom, laboratory and digital learning. Each blended learning lab solution includes prelab videos about concepts, techniques and procedures, summary videos that relate the experiment to the AP® exam, built-in student lab safety training with assessments, and standards-based, tested inquiry labs with real sample data. FlinnPREP™ Inquiry Lab Solutions are adaptable to you and how you teach with multiple ways to access and run your AP® labs.

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Big Idea 3, Investigation 7, Primary Learning Objectives 3.5 and 3.3

In this lab activity, students design and carry out a green chemistry experiment that can quantitatively measure the weight percent of one compound in a mixture of two compounds.

The investigation begins with an introductory activity to verify the decomposition reaction of a solid bicarbonate, either potassium or sodium bicarbonate. Students review the principles of green chemistry and evaluate a high school stoichiometry lab procedure in terms of prevention, atom economy and use and production of nontoxic materials.

Once the introductory activity is completed, students design and carry out an experiment to quantitatively measure the weight percent of solid mixtures containing either sodium carbonate and sodium bicarbonate or potassium carbonate and potassium bicarbonate. Students assess their procedures in terms of the green chemistry principles.

Complete for 24 students working in pairs.

FLINNprep is just one of the powerful learning pathways accessed via PAVO, Flinn’s award-winning gateway to standards-aligned digital science content paired with hands-on learning.


Materials Included in Kit: 
Potassium bicarbonate, 50 g
Potassium carbonate, 50 g
Sodium bicarbonate, 50 g
Sodium carbonate, 50 g

Additional Materials Required (for each lab group): 0.001-g precision balance (shared), Bunsen burner, crucible and cover, matches or lighter, ring clamp, spatula, support stand, crucible tongs, pipe-stem triangle, wire gauze.
Additional Materials Required (for Pre-Lab Preparation): Marking pen, sample containers, weighing dishes.

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