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Green Chemistry: Making a Household Surface Cleaner - Student Laboratory Kit

By: The Flinn Staff and Beyond Benign

Item #: AP8365

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Convert a plastic cup into a household surface cleaner with chemistry while learning about Green Chemistry and polymer chemistry!

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Product Details

Convert a plastic cup into a household surface cleaner with chemistry! This lab introduces students to the 12 principles of Green Chemistry and introductory polymer chemistry, an especially topical activity, as nations come together to tackle climate change. Use this experiment to demonstrate the utility of chemistry as an enabler of positive climate gains in both introductory and advanced courses. This lab was developed in partnership with Beyond Benign. Includes reproducible student hand-outs, Teacher Notes, and all necessary chemicals. Complete for 30 students working in pairs.


Materials Included in Kit:
Ethyl alcohol, anhydrous, 500 mL, 2
Hydrochloric acid solution, 6 M, 500 mL
Sodium hydroxide solution, 6 M, 400 mL
Litmus blue test papers, vial
Polylactic acid pla cup, 12 oz, 15