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Item #: AP1971

Price: $14.05

Use the Polymer Chemistry Demonstration Happy and Sad Balls to explore polymer chemistry. One ball will bounce very high; the other ball will not bounce. Discover why in this lab demonstration.

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Product Details

One rubber ball will bounce very high; the other rubber ball will hit the ground and not bounce. They look the same, but they are different. Explore polymer chemistry with the Happy/Sad Balls. One Happy and one Sad Ball are included in each package.

The Happy/Sad balls are polymer balls that are ideal for collision studies. The Happy ball stores very little energy in collisions and bounces well. The Sad ball stores a lot of energy and doesn’t bounce. Besides the obvious collision activities, try the following:
• Place them in water. Which floats? Which sinks? Mass them and calculate their densities.
• Freeze the balls for at least an hour and then bounce them before they warm up. (Amazing reversal.)
• Place them in boiling water and then bounce them.
• Which one is most efficient in knocking over objects?
• Which polymer would you want in your tennis shoes? car bumpers? rubber hammer?