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With the Harbottle Demonstration for physical science and physics, open up a world of understanding regarding air pressure. This simple and clever device is a perfect aid for an introductory air pressure discussion.

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Product Details

Open up a world of understanding regarding air pressure with this simple, clever device. Simply place the balloon into the opening of the Harbottle and stretch the mouth of the balloon over the mouth of the bottle. Blow into the balloon and, when it is fully inflated, stopper the bottom hole of the Harbottle. Release your mouth-the balloon stays inflated! No twisting or tying required. Surprise your students even more with the strength of air pressure by filling the balloon with water before releasing the stopper! Excellent teaching tool for introducing pressure and discussing its applications, such as vacuum cleaners, flight, pumps, weather, and even how we breathe. Includes Harbottle, balloon, rubber stopper, and complete instructions.