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2017 HASTI Conference Workshops

Flinn Scientific Workshops

Download the write-up for your favorite lab activites and see the kits that go with them!

Flinn Favorite Biology Lab Activities and Games Workshop

Drosophila Genetics Simulation with Drosophila Cards 
Flinn Kit: Fruit Fly Genetics Simulation Super Value Kit

Take As Directed – Antibiotic Resistance Simulation
Flinn Kit: Antibiotic Resistance Student Lab Kit

Beaks – Flinn STEM Design Challenge
Flinn Kit: Beaks STEM Design Challenge

Codon Bingo
Flinn Kit: Codon Bingo Super-Value Game

Help from MOM – A Colorful Antacid Demonstration
Flinn Kit: Help from MOM - Biochemistry of Antacids Demo Kit

Dynamic Chemistry Demos

Smashing Thermit
Flinn Kit: Smashing Thermit Reaction Demo Kit

Sudsy Kinetics
Flinn Kit: Sudsy Kinetics Chemical Demo Kit

Flame Test Demonstration
Flinn Kit: Oooh! Aaah! Style Flame Tests Chemical Demo Kit

Polyurethane Foam
Flinn Kit: Polyurethane Foam System Chemical Demo Kit

Whoosh Bottle
Flinn Kit: Whoosh Bottle Chemical Demo Kit

Energy in Photons
Flinn Kit: Energy in Photons Demo Kit

Foiled Again
Flinn Kit: Foiled Again Chemical Demo Kit

Yellow-Blue Switcheroo
Flinn Kit: The Yellow and Blue Switcheroo Chemical Demo Kit