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Inclined Plane Classroom Set

By: The Flinn Staff

Item #: AP6685

Price: $132.40

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Inclined Plane Classroom Set for physical science and physics includes inclined planes, end pulleys and string and support rods. Made of durable wood with a smooth finish.

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Product Details

Equip your entire physical science class with these sturdy yet inexpensive inclined planes. The Inclined Plane Classroom Set includes inclined planes, end pulleys, string and support rods—enough for eight groups of students. Mechanical Advantage with an Inclined Plane laboratory instructions give students hands-on experience conducting experiments to learn the benefits of an inclined plane commonly referred to as a ramp. Inclined planes are made of durable wood, have a smooth finish and measure 5" × 19". Hall’s carriages, support stands and clamps and spring scales or slotted weight sets are required for this laboratory, but are not included.


Materials Included in Kit: 
Aluminum rod, ¼" diameter, 7⅞" long, 8
Hex nut, zinc & yellow plated steel, ¼"-20, 16
Hex screw, zinc-plated steel, ¼"-20, 1" long, 16
Inclined plane with 4 holes, MDO plywood, ½" x 4⅝" x 18¾", 8
Pan screw, stainless steel, 4-40, 1" long, 16
Pulley for inclined plane, 8
String, thin, ball of ⅙ lb, 331 m
Washer, flat, stainless steel, ⅛ i.d., 5/16" o.d., 16
Wing nut, 6/6 nylon, 4-40, 16