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Investigating Pressure—Super Value Activity-Stations Kit

By: The Flinn Staff

Item #: AP7201

Price: $104.55

Investigating Pressure Activity-Stations Kit for physical science and physics contains four hands-on lab activities that allow exploration of the fundamental principles related to pressure.

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Product Details

Engage your students with this all-in-one pressure kit! Four hands-on lab activities allow students to explore the fundamental principles related to pressure. Students experiment with mini Magdeburg hemispheres to feel the strength of atmospheric pressure. In a pressure paradox experiment, students compare the actual masses of two objects with their apparent weights based on how they feel when held. Students will also use a syringe inside a special “pressure bottle” to determine the pressure–volume relationship corresponding to Boyle’s law. Finally, students use syringes to build simple hydraulic systems to study Pascal’s law. Each activity requires approximately 15 minutes. Detailed student instructions and Teacher Notes are provided. Standard laboratory equipment, such as support stands, clamps, graduated cylinders, balances, beakers, bicycle pump with pressure gauge and scissors, are required and available separately.

Super Value Kit is complete for 12 student groups. All materials are reusable.