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Investigating Static Electricity—Super Value Activity-Stations Kit

By: The Flinn Staff

Item #: AP7632

Price: $70.25

In the Investigating Static Electricity Activity-Stations Kit, students will get a charge out of electrostatic lab activities. The activity-stations format allows students to do more hands-on science in less time.

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Product Details

Your students will get a charge out of these electrostatic lab activities! Four mini-lab stations are set up around the classroom, each a self-contained activity focusing on a specific topic.
• Sticky Charges—Students investigate positive and negative electric charges and observe how like and unlike charges behave.
• The Mysterious Moving Board—Students will be amazed as they discover how an uncharged insulator can be “mysteriously” attracted by a charged object.
• Ready, Set, Charge!—The interaction of charged pith balls help students distinguish between charging by conduction and induction.
• Curving Water—As students observe the effect of an electric charge on polar molecules, they have fun seeing just how far the stream of water will bend.

The activity-stations format allows students to do more hands-on science in less time! Kit includes complete instructions with reproducible student handouts and valuable Teacher Notes.

Super Value Kit is complete for 12 student groups. All materials are reusable!


Materials Included in Kit: 
Aluminum foil, 12" x 12" sheet
Animal fur, 3" x 5", 3
Comb, hair, 3
Friction pad, wool, 5" x 5", 3
Friction rod, lucite, 3
Nasal closure cap, PP, 18 mm, 3
Pine board, 1-1/16" x 3/16" x 12", 3
Pith balls with threads, pkg/6
Silk pad, 6" x 6", 3
Straws, plastic, ¼" o.d., 10
Syringe, 12 mL, 3
Transparent tape, matte finish, 3