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Lemna (Duckweed), Live, 2 oz.

Item #: LM1133 

Price: $19.81

Live Duckweed (Lemna) Aquatic Plant for biology and life science is healthy, viable and ready for transplant into your freshwater aquarium or for laboratory study.

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Maintenance Alert

Do not release aquatic plants into local environments. Upon receipt, rinse plants under gently flowing tap water to remove the majority of bacteria and other contaminants. Remove any dead or discolored leaves. Rooted plants require approximately two inches of coarse sand or aquarium gravel. Plants will do best if the aquarium has been operating at least 4–6 weeks. During this time, chemical cycles equilibrate, and necessary nutrients accumulate in the water and in the gravel. When ready to transplant, scoop a shallow depression in the substrate and arrange the plant’s roots loosely in the depression. Refill the depression with surrounding gravel such that the plant’s root crown is level with the gravel surface. Arrange plants eight to ten centimeters apart with taller plants toward the rear of the tank. Remember to allow the plants—and their roots—room to grow.

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Product Details

Lemna (Duckweed). Floating. Small, rapidly growing plant that develops extensive green mats on surfaces of ponds and still waters. Shipped in a two-ounce polystyrene jar.

Item subject to availability.