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Lull-a-Fly™ Anesthetizer Kit for Drosophila

Item #: FB1438 

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triethylamine with a scent added

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Hazard Alert

Flammable liquid; moderately toxic by ingestion and inhalation; use only in a well-ventilated area; corrosive to eyes or skin. 

This item can only be shipped to schools, museums and science centers

Product Details

Organic #2
Shelf Life:
Alcohol and water
Technical Note:
Finally a foolproof method to anesthetize Drosophila! Lull-A-Fly™ will anesthetize Drosophila for up to 45 minutes without killing or sterilizing them. The small-tipped applicator allows anesthetization right in culture bottles, and the amount required is minimal and, therefore, less expensive. Each kit contains 15 mL of Lull-A-Fly (150 doses), 15 anesthetic wands, a morgue container and complete directions for use. The scent is added to reduce the undesirable ammonia odor. This substance does not act to anesthetize Drosophila as quickly or as easily as ether. If the instructions are followed carefully, it is possible to perfect the anesthetic process. If you have tried other ether substitutes and did not like them, you will not like Lull-A-Fly since the material is the same (i.e., triethylamine). However, Lull-A-Fly is a much safer substance than ether.