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Measurement and Accuracy - Super Value Lab Practical Kit

By: The Flinn Staff

Item #: AP7514

Price: $38.80

With the Measurement and Accuracy - A Colorful Lab Practical Kit, students measure different colored solutions one step at a time. Each tube contains the same amount of solution. A rainbow sequence of colors will eventually be displayed.

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Product Details

Can your students follow directions? Have them perform this classroom lab practical and find out! Simple and colorful cooperative classroom demonstration illustrates the importance of accurately following laboratory procedures. Students measure out and add or transfer different colored solutions one step at a time. If the directions are followed correctly, each demonstration tube will contain the same amount of solution and a rainbow sequence of colors will be displayed. A great activity to perform at the beginning of the year or during a measurement discussion! Includes demonstration tubes, durable transparent rack, dye solutions, detailed instructions, and a student worksheet. Super Value Kit is complete with 5 tubes, 1 rack and enough dye solutions to perform the activity at least 12 times. Additional tubes and racks are available separately. Tubes and racks are completely reusable!