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Microbes Around Us - Student Laboratory Kit

By: The Flinn Staff

Item #: FB1218

Price: $43.20

With the Microbes Around Us Laboratory Kit for biology and life science, see microbes growing on "clean" surfaces. Yuck.

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Product Details

Yuk! That's what your students will say when they see microbes growing on their agar plates. Students will be amazed at the microbes they find on “clean” surfaces! Once additional testing is completed, students will determine whether antibacterial products really work.The step-by-step directions provided will help you prepare for a safe and involving first microbiology laboratory. Enough materials are provided to make 60 agar plates. Student experimental designs and the size of your student lab groups will determine how many kits you will need. The preparation of sterile agar-filled Petri dishes requires the use of an autoclave or pressure cooker.