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Microbiology—Laboratory Activities

Author: Kathy Van Hoeck, York High School, Elmhurst, IL

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The Microbiology—Laboratory Activities manual has carefully written labs in an easy-to-follow format assuring student success in microbiology. You will want this laboratory manual.

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Whether you are teaching a microbiology course or a short unit on microbes, you will want this laboratory manual. The author has carefully written the labs used in her high school microbiology course in an easy-to-follow format assuring student success in microbiology.

The laboratory exercises are organized in a thematic fashion and proceed in order to answer key organizing questions:
• What are microbes?
• Where can bacteria be found?
• How can we inhibit bacterial growth?
• What do bacteria need to grow?
• How can we tell one bacterium from another?
• Why do microbes cause disease?
• How are microbes beneficial?

Each laboratory includes step-by-step directions, numerous teaching tips, detailed background information, safety and disposal considerations, timeline teaching suggestions and sample data. Microbiology laboratory work does assume access to sterilizing equipment (autoclave or pressure cooker) as well as basic teacher skills in sterile technique. 150 pages, 8½" × 11", spiral-bound.