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Models are powerful tools for teaching science as they provide useful simplifications of structures and processes, helping to make the unseen seen and the complex simple.

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Rocks are made of minerals in different combinations and proportions. These minerals are classified into groups such as silicates and non-silicates. Using the interactive model-making kit, we get a firsthand look at a variety of minerals.

First, your students will make their model minerals using the colorful template provided which real mineral images. They’ll then use them to look at 32 different types of minerals and gain an understanding for how they are classified. The models, which can be used for introductory or more advanced classes, cover light silicates (feldspars, quartz, muscovite & clay minerals), dark silicates (pyroxenes, amphiboles, olivine, biotite & garnet), non-silicates (carbonates, halides, oxides, sulphides, sulphates & phosphates), native elements (gold, graphite, diamond, copper & sulphur) and Mohs scale of hardness.

The Model Making Kit includes enough materials for students to assemble up to 5 paper models working cooperatively. The comprehensive Teacher Resource Guide included provides illustrated readings, activities, key vocabulary and an assessment, along with teaching opportunities for students to Engage, Explore, Explain, Extend and Evaluate their understanding of the concepts presented.