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Naming Atoms—Elements, Ions and Isotopes—Super Value Laboratory Kit

By: The Flinn Staff

Item #: AP6440

Price: $49.90

The Naming Atoms—Elements, Ions and Isotopes Super Value Laboratory Kit is an activity with stations containing marbles symbolizing neutrons, protons and electrons. Students determine if the marbles represent an element or ion.

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Product Details

In order for students to understand the fundamentals of chemistry, they must start small. What makes up an atom? Why is each element unique? What constitutes an isotope? How are ions formed? In this activity, 18 workstations are created, each containing various numbers of blue marbles (neutrons), black marbles (protons) and a number of electrons. At each station, students use their knowledge of the nucleus, along with the Periodic Table, to determine if the bag of marbles represents an element or ion. This simple and straightforward activity helps students understand the basics of a fundamental atomic concept, the nucleus and the particles that compose it. Includes student handouts, Teacher Notes and all necessary supplies.

Super Value Kit is complete for 15 student groups. All materials are reusable!