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Item #: N0016 
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Alternative Product Codes: 877560,S25906,470301-540

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Assay 69.0 wt %


F.W. 63.01

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Hazard Alert

Corrosive; strong oxidant; toxic by inhalation and ingestion; avoid contact with acetic acid and readily oxidized substances. Concentrated nitric acid will attack and destroy metals and most plastics. TLV 5.2 mg/m3.

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Product Details

In a separate, isolated portion of your acid cabinet. Never store with acetic acid. If an acid cabinet is not available, store in a Flinn Saf-Cube™.
Shelf Life:
When this substance is stored for a long period, it gradually destroys the cap. Do not interchange another cap. Shelf life of nitric acid is good except for this bottle cap problem. Product may turn yellow due to the release of nitrogen dioxide on exposure to light. This yellow color does not affect the product’s usefulness in the school laboratory.
Miscible with water; considerable heat is released.
Suffocating, unique
CAS No.:
Technical Note:
15.8 Molar; Safety Purchase Suggestion: Buy and store only small package sizes and small quantities. For safety reasons, Flinn offers larger sizes of nitric acid and other hazardous substances in PVC-coated bottles. We have attempted to price the products in these safer containers as low as possible.