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Oooh! Aaah! Style Flame Tests—Chemical Demonstration Kit

By: Rhonda Reist, Olathe North High School, Olathe, KS

Item #: AP9303

Price: $43.95

The Oooh! Aaah! Style Flame Tests Chemical Demonstration Kit is an easy setup and large enough for an entire group of lab students to observe. An excellent display of visible spectra, this flame test reveals excellent colors of metal ions.

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Product Details

Demonstrate the characteristic colors of several metal ions with a flame test that is large enough for an entire classroom to observe. An easy setup and excellent flame colors make this kit a perfect addition to your chemistry demonstrations. Add a few milliliters of alcohol to several borosilicate glass Petri dishes, place a small scoop of a different metallic salt into each dish, then light each solution and listen for the ooohs and aaahs!

Concepts: Visible spectra.
Time Required: 15 minutes
Chemicals Provided: Copper chloride, potassium chloride, lithium chloride, strontium chloride, sodium chloride, and methyl alcohol.
Note: Perform this demonstration in a fume hood or well-ventilated lab. A safety shield and fire blanket are also highly recommended. Borosilicate glass Petri dishes are required and available separately.