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The Organic Removal Cartridge for Barnstead hose nipple type demineralizer is an excellent, economical source of pure water. No special equipment or hardware is required. 

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Product Details

Excellent, economical source of pure water. Hose nipple cartridges easily connect to your water source using ordinary 3/8" laboratory tubing (not provided). No special equipment or hardware is required. The cartridges are single-use, disposable cartridges. A dye resin in the cartridge changes color when the cartridge is exhausted. How many gallons of pure water will the demineralizer provide for the science teacher? The answer will depend on your water quality. Contact your local water department to determine the “grain” content of your water source. Select your cartridge based on local water quality. There are three cartridges available: Standard, Ultrapure and Organic Removal. 

The Ultrapure Cartridge mixed bed ion exchange resin with a capacity of 915 “grains.” Even though the “grain” capacity is low, the water produced is of “research” quality. If you might need carbon dioxide–free water, this cartridge would be your choice.

If you wish to mount your “Hose Nipple” Demineralizer on the wall, purchase the Cartridge Wall Bracket Holder, Catalog No. AP1266. The wall holder is not furnished with the Hose Nipple Demineralizer. Organic Removal Cartridge, Catalog No. AP1269.