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Organic Solvents for GC Analysis

Item #: AP7480

Price: $55.15

Nine solvents—two alcohols, three esters and four ketones—25 mL each, to do all of the experiments in the Vernier Mini GC lab manual! Solvents within each functional group class differ in the number of carbon atoms (CH2 groups), giving rise to a progressive trend in boiling point and excellent separation by gas chromatography. Convenient set of solvents may also be used for boiling point or fractional distillation labs, qualitative analysis of organic functional groups and identification of unknowns. 
Solvents include: • Methyl alcohol • Ethyl alcohol • Acetone • Methyl ethyl ketone • Methyl isobutyl ketone • 2-pentanone • Ethyl acetate • Propyl acetate • Butyl acetate

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Requires a fume hood or well-ventilated area.

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