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PAVO Bundle: Air

Item #: PAV1032

Price: $290.65

In this PAVO Bundle, students learn about the science of air through videos, worksheets, and hands-on experiments. Our bundles include everything a science instructor needs to conduct fun, engaging lessons. With all the content and tools included in each bundle, your students are guaranteed an elevated learning experience.

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Product Details

This PAVO bundle features four hands-on activities that help students understand the complexity of air and its atomic structure. Demonstration models make it easy for students to visualize air as a gaseous mixture. They will also measure the relative humidity of air, and much more. Through these hands-on activities, students will gain a greater understanding of the role that air plays in the environment. In addition to exploring the meaning of humidity and the dew point of air, students can explain how they relate to weather events like cloud, rain, and snow formation. Most importantly, students will learn more about the role of ozone in the stratosphere. Explore the effects that increased ozone in the troposphere causes. Samples of air collected in the lab allow students to test ozone concentrations. They will gain a sound understanding of ozone and its effects. Experimental techniques in this PAVO bundle also help students identify the presence of pollutants in air samples. This serves to create a more in depth understanding of air pollution’s effects on materials with relative exposure. Students will carry out and observe safe chemical reactions, design controlled experiments, and draw reasonable conclusions from reliable data. Overall, students using this PAVO bundle will learn all that there is to know regarding air and our environment.

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1- year access to :


Materials included in Air in a Bottle Demonstration Kit

3-liter model


Materials Included in Sling Psychrometer—Classroom Set

Black rubber caps, 1/2" diameter, 15

Cotton wicks, flat, 1/4", 2

PVC, 1/2" diameter, 6", 15

Rubber bands, small, 300

Screws, #6 x ¾", 15

Thermometers, plastic-backed, 30


Materials Included in Make Your Own Ozone Test Paper Kit

Potassium iodide, 15 g

Starch, corn, 75 g

Chromatography paper, sheet, 15

Paint brush, wide plastic foam, 1", 15


Materials Included in 360Science™: Observe Air Pollution

Bromthymol blue indicator solution, 0.04%, 100 mL

Hydrochloric acid solution, “simulated acid rain solution,” 1 M, 500 mL

Marble chips (limestone), CaCO3, 60 g

Acid rain test strips, 15

Adhesive labels, sheet of 80

Magnifying glasses, 10

Matches, box of 32

Microscope slides, plastic, package of 25

Pipets, Beral-type pipets, 40

Sampling containers, 10

Syringes, 20 mL, package of 10

Tubing, plastic, ⅛", 3 ft


Materials Included in 360Science: Feedback and Climate Change

Antacid effervescent tablets, 30

Clay, ¼ lb stick, 2

Plastic bottle, 1 L, 10