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Engaging learning solutions.
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From biology and chemistry to earth & environmental and physical science, Flinn brings you award-winning resources, instructional materials, labs, activities and more, all designed to help you inspire the next generation of scientists.

Our customizable content means that you can scaffold labs and activities to meet the needs of all your students from intro to honors.

With a single login to PAVO, Flinn's award-winning gateway to dynamic comprehensive science content, you will experience the time-saving integration of instruction, labs, test prep, assessment, and multi-level reporting. PAVO gives you insight into your students’ progress, the ability to plan, edit and assign work and then view resulting assessments, allowing you to make critical on-the-fly instructional changes.


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Your Trusted Source

For more than 45 years, Flinn has been your source for safe science and that is still true today. From demonstrations and labs, to activities and resources, you and your students can rely on Flinn for integrating safe lab practices and procedures into everything we do.


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All content is accessed through branded learning pathways which are thoughtfully designed to meet the distinct learning needs of your classroom.

Flinn's 360Science™ is a complete lab solution that provides teachers with all they need to guide students in exploring and doing science around real-world phenomena through a unique combination of differentiated, customizable hands-on lab experiences and robust digital activities.

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Real lab experiences don't need to be confined to the classroom! Science2Go™ gives students the chance to experience laboratory components of science in a digital environment without physical supplies or equipment.

Science2Go™ is fully customizable.


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Save valuable planning and prep time with FLINNlabs™ These customizable labs offer students quality lab experiences that bring science to life. FLINNlabs™ have a full selection of kits available for Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Earth and Environmental Science and STEM.

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Learn about the development of FlinnSTEM™ modules and the inquiry-based instruction born from the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy.


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POGIL® (Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning) is a student-centered instructional approach in which students work in small teams with the instructor acting only as a facilitator.


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WhiteBox Learning offers 12 innovative projects that teach a variety of concepts for students to design, build, refine, and then compete with other students from across their district and beyond.


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You’re ready to teach with this comprehensive bundle on the nature of science and the scientific method. Engage your students with animated PowerPoints and 3–4 weeks of aligned lessons.


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Start your students off safely with guidelines, materials and activities from Flinn.

Eye on Safety
Keep your middle school science lab safe, efficient and productive with our recommended lab safety essentials.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Encourage students to dress for success in the science lab with personal protective equipment and accessories.

Safety Apparatus and Supplies

Safety apparatus like Flinn’s Goggle Sanitizer kills 99.5% of bacteria in just five minutes, saving you time and hassle between classes.

Commit to Lab Safety

Develop a safety mindset in the lab by having students review and sign this lab safety contract. Also available in Spanish! Download now!


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