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PAVO features our suite of award-winning lab

solutions for Middle School Science including:

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360Science is a complete lab experience—combining hands-on labs with robust digital activities, including videos, virtual reality and simulations. Fully aligned with NGSS and other state science standards, 360Science is designed for use with any core Science textbook or curriculum.

With 360Science, labs are differentiated based on four levels of guidance and challenge: short, guided, open and advanced. Teachers can assign labs to students at their appropriate level—from the prescriptive to the most independent—to engage them with the most personalized and effective lab experience.

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Science2Go was created to ensure remote and hybrid learners could “do science labs” without any supplies or equipment—by providing access to real lab data with analysis prompts and videos that engage students in scientific and engineering practices. Science2Go is aligned to NGSS and other state science standards.

This year, we’ve taken the award-winning platform and added all new phenomenon based videos, system-gradable assessment questions, updated lab topics, new assessments and more, making Science2Go the perfect tool to pair with hands-on Designed for Middle School learning in your classroom.

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Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning is a student-centered instructional approach in which students work in small teams with the instructor acting only as a facilitator. 

The specially designed activities follow a learning cycle paradigm in which students are presented with data or information to interpret and guiding questions to lead them toward valid conclusionsessentially a recapitulation of the scientific method. POGIL® offers Advanced Placement activities for Chemistry and Biology.

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Save valuable planning and prep time with FLINNlabs™. These labs offer students quality lab experiences that bring science to life. FLINNlabs have a full selection of kits available for Chemistry, Biology, Earth Science, Forensics and Physics. With clear instructions, defined concept alignments and organized materials, our kits take the guess work out of your lesson plans. 

FLINNlabs deliver quality, hands-on lab experiences to students. Each digital lab comes with comprehensive lab instructions, giving teachers the option to customize procedures, questions and more. Additionally, built-in safety guidelines ensure students are safe and successful during the lab. Each lab is paired with a physical kit complete with the supplies students need to complete the hands-on labs!

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WhiteBox Learning is a STEM learning system that teaches the engineering design process—in the most real-world way—through 3D virtual models, unlimited design iterations and an online competition. Students engage with 12 applications, exposing them to various STEM careers. With the emphasis on engineering practices in NGSS and other standards.

WhiteBox Learning can be used to help reinforce science practices and increase understanding of core science concepts. One high school in Georgia found their GMAS state science test scores improved by 30 points when WhiteBox Learning was used in conjunction with science classes. Whether used as a stand-alone CTE Engineering solution or as a complementary program in the science classroom, WhiteBox Learning lets students engineer and optimize virtual models, with the option to build a physical model.




With science as the primary background subject, students learn all about life science using social studies, technology, English language arts, art and math. The student-led, print and go, low-to-no-prep science circuit stations are easy to implement with a few household items. Getting Nerdy lessons are designed in a way that makes implementation seamless and easy, providing both you and your students with a daily expectation of the lesson’s structure. This delivery method allows you to focus on what’s important— engaged conversations and inquiry about the material and concepts being presented. Notes are provided in differentiated formats, from graphic organizers to fill-in-the-blank, catering to a variety of student learning modalities and needs. Getting Nerdy products are simple to implement, are easy on the budget and save you precious time when it comes to lesson planning.

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FLINNstem is a standards-aligned STEM curricula that uses an engaging hands-on approach to guide students to explore new science concepts, connect to real-world experiences, and discover engineering design and scientific inquiry. FlinnSTEM is the perfect solution used in STEM clubs and after school programs The solution includes 15 modules of student hands-on activities accompanied by digital content for teacher professional development to maximize the student experience.