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Study the botany of seed-bearing plants with the phanerogamae microscope slide sets for biology. 

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Product Details

Study the botany of seed-bearing plants with the phanerogamae microscope slide sets. Also known as spermatophytes, these plants have well-developed roots, stems, leaves and vascular systems as well as flowers and fruits. Each slide set includes a full-color brochure with corresponding pictures.


Phanerogamae Supplementary Slide Set includes 50 microscope slides:
Acorus calamus, sweet flag, rhizome t.s.
Aleurone grains, t.s. of Ricinus endosperm
• Branched leaf hairs, isolated from Verbascum (mullein)
Bryonia, stem with sieve plates t.s.
• Calcium oxalate crystals, in w.m. of Allium (onion) dry shell
• Chloroplasts, leaf of Elodea w.m.
Daucus carota, carrot, storage root t.s.
Dendrobium, orchid, aerial root with velamen t.s.
Dionaea, Venus fly trap, leaf with digestive glands t.s.
Drosera, sundew, insectivorous leaf with glandular hairs w.m.
Elodea, waterweed, aquatic stem with primitive bundle t.s.
Fagus, beech, sun and shadow leaves on one slide t.s.
Fagus, beech, three sections of wood: transverse, radial, tangential
• Fat in sec. through endosperm of Corylus (hazel), stained for fat
Helianthus, sunflower, typical dicot stem t.s.
• Inulin crystals, t.s. of Dahlia tuber
Juncus, bulrush, stem with internal stellate cells t.s.
• Lactiferous vessels, l.s. through stem of Euphorbia (spurge)
Lilium, lily, young anthers showing meiosis of pollen mother cells
Lupinus, lupin, root nodules with nitrogen fixing bacteria t.s.
Lycopersicum, tomato, young fruit t.s.
• Lysigenous oil glands, t.s. through rind of Citrus fruit
Nerium, oleander, xeromorphe leaf with sunken stomata t.s.
Nymphaea, water lily, floating leaf of an aquatic plant t.s.
Papaver, poppy, flower, t.s. shows floral diagram
Pelargonium, geranium, young stem of an annual plant t.s.
Phaseolus, bean, t.s. of pod showing pericarp and seed
Pinguicula, butterwort, leaf with glandular hairs t.s.
Pinus, pine, male cone with pollen grains l.s.
Pinus, pine, mature embryo with endosperm t.s.
Pinus, pine, older woody root t.s.
Pinus, pine, older woody stem t.s.
Pinus, pine, ovule with archegonia l.s.
Pinus, pine, pollen grains with wings w.m.
Pinus, pine, three sections of wood: transverse, radial, tangential
Pinus, pine, young female cone with ovules l.s.
Quercus, oak, older woody root t.s.
• Reserve cellulose, t.s. of Phoenix (date) seed
Rheum, rhubarb, root with crystals t.s.
Ribes, currant, stem with phellogen t.s.
Salvia, sage, square stem with angular collenchyma t.s.
Smilax, root with thickened endodermis t.s.
• Stem apex and meristematic tissue of Asparagus near median l.s.
Taraxacum, dandelion, composite flower l.s.
Tilia, lime, older woody stem t.s. and l.s.
Tulipa, tulip, ovary t.s. showing arrangement of ovules
Urtica, stinging nettle, leaf with stinging hairs
Utricularia, bladderwort, w.m. or section of catching bladders
• Wood cells, macerated and w.m.
Zea mays, corn, monocot stem with vascular bundles l.s.