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Planetary Orbits - Student Laboratory Kit

By: The Flinn Staff

Item #: AP7326

Price: $46.55

Planetary Orbits Laboratory Kit for astronomy and space science is a hands-on activity where you construct ellipses and then explore the shape of a planet's orbit. Investigate Kepler's law of planetary motion.

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Product Details

Let students see for themselves the difference between a circle and the elliptical path a planet follows as it orbits the Sun. In this hands-on activity, students construct ellipses and then explore the shape of a planet’s orbit as they investigate Kepler’s laws of planetary motion. After analyzing the results of their investigation, students form an operational definition of an ellipse. Durable materials eliminate wobbly pins with hazardous sharp points. Kit includes complete instructions with reproducible student worksheets, detailed background information, valuable teacher notes, and enough materials for ten groups of students.