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Plants in the Spotlight - A Photosynthesis Investigation - Student Laboratory Kit

By: The Flinn Staff

Item #: FB1780

Price: $24.10

Plants In the Spotlight - A Photosynthesis Investigation Laboratory Kit for biology and life science will illuminate understandings of photosynthesis, the process of "putting together with light."

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Product Details

Illuminate student's understanding of photosynthesis, the process of “putting together with light.” This activity necessitates cooperation among lab groups as experiments are conducted to answer two important questions: Do plants prefer certain colors (wavelengths) of light for photosynthesis? How do environmental conditions affect the rate of photosynthesis? Student groups carry out experiments using Hornwort, an aquatic plant, to investigate changes in the rate of photosynthesis. These experiments involve changing the wavelengths of light, the temperature, light intensity, and the concentration of a sodium bicarbonate solution. To discover the answers to the experimental questions, all class data will be pooled, graphed, and analyzed.Kit contains all the chemicals, test tubes, and a set of six colored filters needed for 30 students, working in groups of three, to conduct the experiments. The Hornwort aquatic plant is available separately.