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Lab Safety Pocket Gas Detector allows you to detect potentially hazardous gas leaks in your classroom. Highly sensitive sensor.

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Product Details

Detect potentially hazardous gas leaks in your classroom! No longer do you need to depend on your maintenance staff. You can now test for gas leaks every 3 to 6 months with this easy-to-use, highly accurate detector of combustible gases.
Features: 40ppm methane sensitivity and bearing defects
Trace natural gas lines and fittings for leaks frame to failure
Check gas equipment for leaks
Test and check propane tanks, fittings, lines, and heaters for leaks
Test confined spaces for gas build-up

To find combustible gas leaks with this unit follow these simple instructions:
In a clean air environment, press the ON/OFF key to turn the detector on. Both LED’s will flash as the unit initializes and auto zeroes.
When the green LED above the ON/OFF switch flashes and a tick is heard the detector is ready for use. Trace gas lines, fittings, tanks, and containers for leaks. Approach suspected leak areas with the sensor. When a leak above 40ppm is detected the detector tick and green LED flash rate will increase. When the tick rate increases press and release the ON/OFF key to nullify the tick and continue to approach the suspected leak area with the sensor. Continue to nullify the tick when the rate increases until the location of the leak is found. If the tick slows or stops on its own the concentration level has decreased. Move back in the opposite direction to find the leak again. If the leak reaches 1000ppm or above the high LED will illuminate (see below). To turn the detector off, press and hold the ON/OFF key down until the unit powers off.