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POGIL® Activities for Life Science—Designed to Support the NGSS

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Flinn Scientific is excited to join with The POGIL® project to publish this series of student-centered Life Science activities designed to support the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Integrate scientific practices, reasoning and inquiry in the Life Science classroom with 13 interactive, guided-inquiry activities:

  • Inferring Experimental Design from Data Tables
  • How Do Living Things Interact?
  • Interactions Between Pests and Crops: Will There Be Damage?
  • How Does the Amount of Food Affect an Organism’s Growth?
  • How Body Cells Reproduce (Mitosis)
  • Why Aren’t We All Clones? (Meiosis)
  • Cookies and Proteins: When Instructions Go Wrong
  • Looking Closer at Making Proteins
  • Seeing the Past: Imagining How Species Change Over Time
  • The Fossil Record: How Have Animals Changed Over Earth’s Long History?
  • Factors That Influence the Process of Evolution
  • Animal Arms Races
  • Comparing Early Development of Organisms

Each package is delivered digitally, with each activity accessible as a PDF.  The teacher’s edition of each activity includes the answers to all questions and teacher resource pages with learning objectives, knowledge prerequisites, assessment questions, alignment to NGSS and teaching tips. Electronic student PDFs of all the activities may be printed by the teacher who purchased the product. Contact Flinn for a special free license agreement to obtain permission to post the student activities on a password-protected school website.

After purchase, you will receive a welcome email with instructions for activating your digital license. Please contact customer care if you have not received your welcome email or need assistance activating your license. 800-452-1261 [email protected]

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