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The Polyplastic Labware Set is reusable, durable, shatterproof, lightweight and economical. A great supplement for every level but especially for introducing lab tools and techniques to beginning scientists!

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Product Details

This Polyplastic Labware Set includes 30 reusable, durable labware pieces—an essential addition to every lab. Items are lightweight with smooth edges making it the safest way to introduce lab equipment handling for the youngest scientists! Economical and recyclable; a less expensive way to start up or add lab materials. Most items are recyclable at end of use. Includes 30 items in a handy storage container (dimensions with lid 17" x 11" x 6½") with plenty of room to add more items to the set.


Materials Included:
Beaker, polypropylene, 50-mL
Beaker, polypropylene, 100-mL
Beaker, polypropylene, 250-mL
Bottle, narrow mouth, polypropylene, with cap, 125-mL
Bottle, narrow mouth, polypropylene, with cap, 60-mL 
Bottle, washing, polyethylene, 250-mL
Bottle, wide mouth, polyethylene, 60-mL
Bottle, wide mouth, polyethylene, 125-mL
Cylinder, polypropylene, 10-mL
Cylinder, polypropylene, 100-mL
Dropping pipets, plastic, 23 mL, 4 
Forceps, polypropylene 
Funnel, powder, polyethylene, 65 mm
Funnel, utility, polyethylene, 55 mm
Pipets, Beral-type, graduated, 2 
Ruler, metric/English, opaque, plastic, 15 cm/6" 
Stirring rod, plastic 
Test tubes with screw caps, plastic, 4
Weighing dishes, disposable 1⅝" x 1⅝" x 5/16", 4