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Population Genetics and Evolution Laboratory Kit—AP* Biology Lab 8

By: The Flinn Staff

Item #: FB1844

Price: $22.35

With the Population Genetics and Evolution Laboratory Kit for Classic AP* Biology Lab 8, Use the Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium equation and explore how population changes affect the principle.

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Product Details

Is the population evolving? In the first activity, students use the Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium equation to determine the allele frequency of PTC tasters versus nontasters in the class. The second activity explores the changes of a large population to see how various conditions effect the Hardy-Weinberg principle. The entire class makes up the population as students use allele cards and specific case by case conditions to explore an ideal population as well as how natural selection, heterozygote advantage and genetic drift affect the overall genetics of a population. All the materials needed to complete this laboratory are included.


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