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Item #: AP6530

Price: $313.55

The low voltage dual output DC power supply has two independent, fully regulated outputs that allow two student groups to Use the same power supply. Both adjustable outputs have an easy-to-read analog meter.

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Product Details

Save money and lab bench space with this dual output power supply. Two independent, fully regulated outputs allow two student groups to use the same power supply. Each output’s voltage can be continuously varied between 0 and 20 volts with a current of up to 2 amps. Both adjustable outputs have an easy-to-read digital meter that displays the current and voltage readings. Once set, the voltage and current will be precisely held for your students’ experimental needs. A single 5-volt at 2-amp regulated output is also built-in—great for electrolysis demonstrations. For high-voltage needs, the three independent outputs can be used together for a total DC output of up to 45 volts at 2 amps. Externally controlled cutoff circuit automatically protects against overloads, short circuits and personal injuries.