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Practical Chemistry Labs: A Resource Manual

Author: Leonard Saland

Item #: AP2039 

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Practical Chemistry Labs: A Resource Manual contains 60 hands-on activities that emphasize practical, everyday chemistry applications. Simple but pertinent labs.

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Product Details

Sixty hands-on activities emphasizing practical, everyday chemistry applications. Each lab is in convenient reproducible form ready to be photocopied. Common laboratory materials are needed to perform these simple but pertinent labs. Laboratory topics include chemical apparatus, half-life, copper plating, making paper, tie-dyeing and many more. Each lab reinforces the scientific method and includes a list of needed materials. Step-by-step instructions with diagrams, data tables, conclusion questions and a post-lab quiz. Teacher notes include sample data and answers to all questions. These well-organized labs are an ideal supplement to any first-year chemistry course. Numerous illustrations and appendices. 265 pages, 8½" × 11", soft cover.