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Pressure Bottle

By: Walter Rohr, Retired, Eastchester High School, Eastchester, NY

Item #: AP5930

Price: $10.35

Pressure Bottle for physical science and physics can be used to discover basic gas laws and properties of air. Control the pressure inside the bottle and collect data to demonstrate the ideal gas law.

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Product Details

Your students can use this ingenious pressure bottle to discover basic gas laws and properties of air. The pressure bottle is an ordinary 1-L soda bottle with a tire valve mounted in the cap. When the cap is in place, the bottle can be pumped up just like a tire! The pressure can then be varied inside the bottle by adding or releasing air using the valve in the cap. A sealed syringe inside the bottle will change volume in response to pressure changes in the bottle. These syringe volume changes can be viewed right through the side of the bottle. Collect data to demonstrate and measure the ideal gas law.

Comes complete with bottle, cap with mounted valve and complete instructions with laboratory exercise suggestions.