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Prey vs. Predator Kit—Win, Lose or Draw? Super Value Kit

By: The Flinn Staff

Item #: FB1746

Price: $58.05

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The Prey vs. Predator—Win, Lose or Draw? ecology kit for biology and life science is a fast-paced activity where the action may become intense as “predators” attempt to capture their “prey.”

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Product Details

The action in this fast-paced activity may become intense as student “predators” attempt to capture their “prey.” What happens when different organisms, living in the same habitat, are all trying to survive and produce offspring? Will they all survive and reproduce equally well, or will there be some “winners” and “losers” in this game of life? As active participants, students will discover:
• The relationship between prey species, predator species and the environment is critical to survival and reproduction.
• Simulations can be used to study and understand nature.

Complete for eight student groups of four. All materials are reusable.


Materials Included in Kit: 
Bean, black, 1 lb
Bean, pinto, 1 lb, 2
Bean, red(kidney) seed, 1 lb, 3
Bean, white(navy) seed, 1 lb
Sheet of crocus, 2 feet x 2 feet
Sheet of daffodils, 2 feet x 2 feet
Sheet of floral medley, 2 feet x 2 feet
Sheet of leaves, 2 feet x 2 feet
Sheet of oriental aura, 2 feet x 2 feet
Sheet of painted fruit, 2 feet x 2 feet
Sheet of victorian garden, 2 feet x 2 feet
Sheet of gilded daisies, 2 feet x 2 feet