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Spectroscopes are inexpensive, hand-held, diffraction grating spectroscopes. They are great for use with spectrum tubes or when doing flame tests. The unit is housed in an unbreakable plastic case.

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This inexpensive, hand-held, diffraction grating spectroscope will measure wavelengths of light from 400-700 nanometers (nm) with an accuracy of ±5 nm. Great for use with spectrum tubes or when doing flame tests. Students will better understand spectra after using this quantitative analysis spectroscope. Unit is housed in an unbreakable plastic case. Dimensions-overall length: 20 cm; scale length: 37 mm. Instructions for laboratory use are included.

Flinn Scientific’s Spectroscope (AP8696) is an indispensable tool for exploring the fascinating world of light and color. Ideal for high school and college science labs, this compact and affordable spectroscope allows students and educators to observe and analyze the spectral lines of different light sources.

Constructed with high-quality materials, the spectroscope provides clear and sharp spectral images, revealing the distinct emission and absorption lines unique to each element. The device features a rotatable scale that allows precise wavelength measurements, making it an excellent choice for studying the spectra of various gas discharge tubes and light bulbs.

Using the spectroscope is straightforward. Simply point the narrow end of the device towards the light source, and peer through the viewing window to observe the spectrum displayed on the internal scale. The device’s lightweight design makes it portable and easy to handle, providing flexibility for various classroom and field applications.

Key applications of the Flinn Spectroscope include:

Identifying elements through their emission and absorption spectra

Comparing spectra of different gas discharge tubes

Exploring the composition of stars and other celestial bodies through their light spectra

Teaching fundamental concepts of atomic structure, light, and optics

In addition to the spectroscope, Flinn Scientific offers a range of accessories such as gas discharge tubes and power supplies to help you build a comprehensive spectrum analysis lab.

Order your Flinn Spectroscope (AP8696) today and give your students a hands-on opportunity to explore the science of light and spectra. Visit Flinn Scientific’s online store to find all the resources you need for effective science education and experimentation.