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The support stand with base is a heavy cast rectangular base of plate steel that has excellent stability. It comes with a zinc-plated steel support rod. There are three sizes available.

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Product Details

Support Stands for Laboratory Use

Heavy cast rectangular base of plate steel, finished in hard enamel. Excellent stability. Much safer than “stamped base” support stands sold by other companies. Science Chemistry Lab ring support rod of zinc-plated steel.

Flinn Scientific offers a versatile range of Support Stands designed to provide stability and support for various laboratory equipment and experiments. Whether you're conducting titrations, holding glassware, or assembling complex apparatus setups, these support stands are essential for ensuring accurate and safe results.

Crafted from durable materials like cast iron and stainless steel, our support stands offer exceptional stability and longevity. They come with a variety of base sizes and rod lengths, enabling you to choose the right configuration for your specific needs. The heavy-duty bases ensure stability even when supporting heavier equipment, while the corrosion-resistant rods withstand rigorous laboratory use.

For added convenience, the rods are detachable from the bases, allowing for easy storage and setup. Paired with a range of clamps, rings, and other accessories, these stands are ideal for titrations, filtration setups, and general lab equipment support.

Flinn Scientific offers a comprehensive selection of ring support stands, clamps, rings, buret holders, and other laboratory accessories. Whether you're conducting a simple filtration experiment or assembling a complex distillation setup, you'll find all the equipment you need in our extensive catalog.

Order a Flinn Science Cehmistry Lab Ring Support Stand today and discover Flinn Scientific can provide your lab with high-quality apparatus for reliable and accurate experiments.