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Isopods are commonly known as "roly-polies" and "sow bugs." These small, harmless isopods are convenient for laboratory studies and easy to care for and observe. Supplied in two convenient packages.

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Prepare a layer of peat moss or dead leaves and twigs in the bottom of a waterproof, covered container. Keep substratum damp by sprinkling water on the bottom layer when necessary. Punch air holes in the cover of the container. Feed small slices of potato or carrot every 3-4 days. Remove old food to avoid molding. Animals are prolific and can be maintained for long periods of time.

Product Details

Commonly known as "roly-polies" and "sow bugs" these small, harmless isopods are convenient for classroom studies. They are easy to care for and fun to observe. Isopods are great subjects for the behavior studies activities. Supplied in two convenient package sizes. A state permit is required to ship to Utah. Not available for Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

Item subject to availability.